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There are many ways in which a person can improve the appearance of interior and exterior concrete. While most people think that the only option is to remove the old one and install the new one, there is another option that is much easier and much more affordable. Pickled concrete is fast becoming a great way to give your concrete a new look and personality. Sidewalks, sidewalks and terraces are all options for exterior coloring of concrete.

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However, it is important to know that there are two basic types of stains. There are acid stains that create a translucent, natural-looking color. In addition there are the acrylic stains, which produce a semi-permeable color and a more even texture. If the area has many defects, you can use acrylic stains. If the defects are large grooves with missing concrete, apply a thin layer of new cement to the entire surface before starting to dye.

An exterior concrete color project not only gives your façade a new look and conceals imperfections, but is also a simple project that homeowners can do themselves. If you’re ready to create a new look for your garage, patio, or pool, coloring outdoor concrete is a very beautiful Concrete Services Gainesville project that just about anyone should get. There are a variety of colors and styles that achieve the look and look you want. You’ll soon have a beautiful area that looks like a professional contractor came in and gave you a new lease on life.

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When all the materials have accumulated, we will remove all materials and items that are on the floor and move them to another room or outdoors. Then, we will thoroughly clean the entire surface of the concrete floor to remove dirt and grime. This can take some time, especially in wreck rooms and garages, as they are overcrowded with many different materials. After proper floor cleaning, it is time to cleanse the floor with acid. This is the most dangerous part of the process where protective equipment should be worn as working with acid can be dangerous. The acid stain is best spread evenly and in quadrants. That way, you can make a selection to make sure each section runs more efficiently. If the acid stain is dry and effective, we will scrub the bottom with baking soda and water to remove any residue of acid stain.

After completion and drying, it is time to apply the sealant. Seal and stain are the same and should be evenly distributed over the quadrants, just as when washing with acid. Let it dry and repeat if necessary to give the concrete floor the necessary protective layer. It may take about two days for the concrete floor to be in good condition. However, you save time in the long term because you do not have to relocate the floor. Pickling concrete floors is the best way to keep them in good working order while maintaining the integrity of the concrete company.

We can take care of all of your needs when it comes to concrete flatwork, stamped concrete, stained concrete, exposed aggregate, and colored concrete work. We will treat your home improvement with great care, using our concrete expertise. You can count on Concrete Services Gainesville to do the job right.

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