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When it comes to concrete services in Gainesville, Florida, we pride ourselves as one of the most trusted, reliable contractors in this town. At Concrete Services Gainesville, we also boast of being one of the best concrete service providers in Gainesville Florida, based on the positive feedback that we from hundreds of our happy customers. As a licensed and bonded company, our goal is to ensure that our clients are getting value for money.

One of the reasons why we stand as one of the best concrete service providers in Gainesville, Florida, is the multitude of services that we offer. We offer a myriad of concrete services for both commercial and residential clients. So whether you are having a concrete floor problem in your home or business, we are the guys to call in this town. Here are some of the services we are offering.


One of the factors that determine the value and quality of any building, be it a home or a commercial structure, is the foundation. At Concrete Services Gainesville, we are experts with vast experience when it comes to constructing building foundations. We do not compromise the quality with anything. We have invested in the most advanced equipment to ensure that quality of service is the best homeowners can get in this town. So if you need to foundation construction services, contact us, and we will offer you free quotes.

Garage Slabs

Garage slabs are some of the most common residential concrete services in this town. If you want to construct a garage for your new home in this town and its environs, then you should consider hiring us. We will not only construct a quality garage slab but will also offer you a free quote for it. We also do restore old garages where the concrete floor has been or worn out beyond repair. With us, we are guaranteeing a long-lasting concrete garage floor.

Patios Floor

Building a nice looking patio is never complete without a quality floor. At Concrete Services Gainesville, we are experts in constructing concrete patio floors. One of the biggest problems that homeowners have with patio floors is cracking. But that is usually due to lousy concrete slabs by rogue or poorly equipped contractors. We are guaranteeing you a long-lasting quality concrete floor for your patio. As a bonded company, we will ensure that you are getting value for money.

Driveways and Flatwork

Whether you want to construct a new driveway and flatwork or repair the old ones, Concrete Services Gainesville is one of the best contractors in Gainesville, Florida. No matter the size of the flatwork that you want to construct, we have the capacity to handle it within the stipulated deadline. Our team will explain to you how everything will be done and what to expect. With us, quality is a guarantee.

Concrete Surfaces Repairs

If you need any form of cracked cement repair, contact us. We handle all kinds of repairs for all concrete surfaces repairs including cracked cement surfaces.

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If you need any concrete construction work done in Gainesville, we are one of the best contractors. As a licensed and bonded concrete contractor in Gainesville, quality and value for money are a guarantee. Contact us and enjoy free quotes on all concrete services. Our contact number is 904-674-8218.

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